Bocuse d’Or 2019 World Final details announced

The key details for the Bocuse d’Or World final have been revealed and the brief is as challenging as ever. Chefs from 24 countries will compete in the Bocuse d’Or world final in Lyon on Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 January, the first world final following the passing of its founder Paul Bocuse. Each national team has five hours 35 minutes to produce 16 plates … Continue reading Bocuse d’Or 2019 World Final details announced

President Brian Turner reflects on what the Bocuse d’Or means to him

Chef Brian Turner, CBE passes on the mantle of presidency after 29 years. —– What does the Bocuse d’Or mean to you? In my opinion the Bocuse d’Or is the greatest, global cooking competition and to have been involved in it for such a long time has meant an amazing amount to me. How did you first hear about it and become involved? In 1987 … Continue reading President Brian Turner reflects on what the Bocuse d’Or means to him

Bocuse d’Or UK Platter

This year for the platter design, Bocuse d’Or UK Academy commissioned designer, Bodo Sperlein. Inspired by the Welsh hills of his childhood, the tiered platter is made of polished metal and wood and is accompanied by a set of stoneware and platinum luster glaze dishes. The dishes were handmade in London using a stoneware that echoes the texture of the weathered rock found on the hills. Continue reading Bocuse d’Or UK Platter

Team UK Bocuse d’Or Platter

THE MENU “With ingredients so pure, that we’ve grown ourselves you don’t have to do too much to them, it’s always going to taste a little bit better.” Wellington of Fassona Piemontese beef fillet and veal sweetbread with Wiltshire ham and ox tongue Wye Valley Asparagus, Old Winchester cheese and Yorkshire wild garlic Salt baked Staffordshire turnip, wild horseradish Fried beetroot and Baraggia Biellese Vercellese rice cake with Scottish pine … Continue reading Team UK Bocuse d’Or Platter