Bocuse d’Or UK announces TRUEfoods as Lead Culinary Partner

The Bocuse d’Or UK Academy is delighted to announce a partnership with British company TRUEfoods, which has committed to supporting Bocuse d’Or Team UK. TRUEfoods becomes one of a select few culinary partners who will work extremely closely with Bocuse d’Or UK until the world final in January 2021.

TRUEfoods has a reputation as a leading manufacturer of fresh stocks which are used by many of the industry’s leading chefs throughout the UK, Europe and America. The Yorkshire based company is the Lead Culinary partner for UK Bocuse d’Or, supporting talent on the road to the world final in Lyon 2021. 

TRUEfoods have already supplied stocks to the four candidates for the UK National Selection, taking place at The Restaurant Show on Monday 30 September, and are looking forward to working directly with the team once the winner is announced. 

As well as providing a significant financial contribution, TRUEfoods will partner with the Bocuse d’Or UK team to raise funds through its hugely popular CHEFStable events and will seek engagement and involvement through its network of high profile chefs.

The company believes that the UK has a wealth of culinary talent but that only chefs who can strip back to core culinary principles, working with the foundation of the classic repertoire will succeed – with personal focus and a desire to persevere and succeed also essential.

On supporting Bocuse d’Or UK, TRUEfoods managing director, Mitch Mitchell says:

“We want to promote great British culinary talent that we have from north to south, east to west and we are really excited to be adding our support. The chefs who win the Bocuse d’Or UK at the end of this month, will be put on a world stage. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that? TRUEfoods is a perfect partner because we are as passionate about what we do, as the chefs are about entering this competition.”

Jack Mitchell, sales and business development director adds, “There is amazing culinary talent in the UK and it’s about time we took the light from under the bushel, shout about it and show the world what we can do! We are serious about hospitality and cooking. Being a chef is not a second rate career, it’s a fantastic career that can take you anywhere in the world.”

Photography by Jodi Hinds for Bocuse d'Or Team UK

On TRUEfoods becoming lead culinary partner, Chair of Bocuse d’Or UK Academy, Andreas Antona comments, “I’m very excited about the TRUEfoods partnership, it shows how wonderful our industry is. To be working with partners who believe in our vision of getting a British chef on the podium is what it’s all about. We have the talent and to have the support from a company like TRUEfoods is a marriage made in heaven. Bring on Lyon!”