Bocuse d’Or UK Academy hold fundraising dinner as Team UK prepares for European Selection


The Bocuse d’Or UK Academy is hosting a fundraising dinner this month, to raise much needed funds to support Team UK’s bid for a place in the world final in Lyon 2019.

The dinner, priced at £1500 for a table of ten, will be held in the Atrium Restaurant of University College Birmingham on Friday 23 February. Only a couple tables remain and they can be purchased through calling 0121 604 1000 – ext 2234.

UK candidate Tom Phillips from Restaurant Story, will be cooking the main course at the dinner. UK candidate 2012 – 2015 Adam Bennett from The Cross at Kenilworth will prepare the starter and Tony Wright, senior chef lecturer at University College

Birmingham, who represented the UK in 2016, will prepare the fish course. All the chefs will be supported by University College Birmingham’s second and third year chef and food service students.

Having first learned about the Bocuse d’Or when he was still an apprentice at The Ritz in London, Tom Phillips is living his career dream.  Aged just 25, he is the youngest British chef ever to take on the challenge. He will be supported by commis chef Nathan Lane and mentored by coach Adam Bennett, chef director of The Cross at Kenilworth and John Williams, executive chef at The Ritz, alongside President Brian Turner CBE.

The Bocuse d’Or Europe will take place in Turin from June 11 – 12 where 20 chefs from across Europe will have 5 hours 35 to prepare 14 plates based on a yet to be announced theme and a platter using beef fillet of Fassona Piemontese pedigree and Baraggia Biellese and Vercellese Rice. In a change to the competition and to reflect local Piedmont traditions, every plate presented to the jury will have to be served on an under plate along with one garnish and two pouring elements such as a sauce, oil or broth.

The Bocuse d’Or UK Academy is a not for profit organisation funded by donations and generous supporters, who include ACT Clean, Aubrey Allen, CCS, Classic Fine Foods, Mauviel, Seafood from Norway, University College Birmingham and Valrhona.

Dr Andreas Antona, chair of the Bocuse d’Or Academy says, “To succeed in the Bocuse d’Or requires a huge amount of time and commitment from the candidate. In Tom we have a chef who is skilled, creative and ambitious and with an impressive determination for his age.  He has some fantastic ideas and the support of the Restaurant Story team, but as with training for any competition we need financial resource to give him the best chance possible.”

To offer your support and give Tom the best chance in Turin please email Anne-Sophie Labruyere, sponsorship and fundraising manager of Bocuse d’Or UK Academy