Bocuse d’Or UK Academy announces Fuller, Smith & Turner as Key Sponsor

The Bocuse d’Or UK Academy is delighted to announce a sponsorship with Fuller, Smith & Turner – the premium British pub and hotel business. The Bocuse d’Or UK Academy was founded by Andreas Antona in October 2017 to establish a professional platform with which to support Bocuse d’Or Team UK.

The sponsorship will see Fuller’s donate and help raise much needed funds to help see Team UK through to the Bocuse d’Or World Final in Lyon 2021.

UK candidate, Ian Musgrave from The Ritz London, will compete against 19 top European chefs in Estonia on either May 28 or 29. Only the top ten scoring chefs will reach the world final.

Bocuse d’Or UK President, Simon Rogan will become Honorary President of Fuller’s Chefs’ Guild, set up in 2015 to provide ongoing development of Fuller’s chefs. The sponsorship will provide Fuller’s with access to the some of the leading chefs associated with the competition, in return Fuller’s has committed to:

  • generous financial support,
  • providing Bocuse d’Or Team UK with Fuller’s hospitality and fulfilling UK
    accommodation needs through the Fuller’s Hotel Division,
  • drive brand awareness and support for the Bocuse d’Or Team UK
    throughout the network of over 1,000 Fuller’s chefs by incorporating the Bocuse d’Or Team UK logo on chef jackets and aprons and promoting the UK Team internally at Fuller’s,
  • drive brand awareness and support for the Bocuse d’Or Team UK in Fuller’s 6.5 million strong customer base with branding and team information in their pubs and hotels,
  • incorporate Bocuse d’Or Team UK chef sponsored dishes on Fuller’s menus with a ‘donation’ from each dish further supporting the team.

Simon Rogan, Team UK President said, “The UK Academy is hugely excited to partner with Fuller’s in pursuit of the goal of getting a British chef on the podium for the first time at the Bocuse d’Or competition.

“Everybody knows there’s a chef shortage in the UK right now and we applaud Fuller’s commitment to training chefs to bring people into the industry and raise the standards of professional cooking.  Only through the support of the likes of Fuller’s can the UK get a candidate on the podium.”

On supporting Bocuse d’Or UK, Fuller’s Director of Food, Paul Dickinson says:

“At Fuller’s, we are thrilled to partner with the Bocuse d’Or UK Academy. The chefs who make up the Academy rank among the best in the world. Fuller’s chefs going through the Fuller’s Chefs’ Guild, from apprentices to Executive Chefs, will have a unique opportunity to benefit from the guidance and wisdom of these industry legends. In turn, we can expect to meet and exceed our customers’ growing expectations for delicious, seasonal food created by highly trained and experienced chefs. Reflecting Fuller’s commitment to food, the partnership also makes Fuller’s the obvious choice for young people who seek high quality training for a rewarding career in professional cooking.”