The last step for Europe before going to the Olympics of Gastronomy will take place in Turin, Italy, from June 11th to 12th 2018 

For the very first time in the history of the contest, the Bocuse d’Or Europe event will take place in Southern Europe. After Norway, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden and Hungary, it is now Italy’s turn – and the region of Piedmont in particular – to host the continental selection round of the most prestigious gastronomy contest: the Bocuse d’Or.

From June 11th to 12th on the occasion of the Gourmet Expoforum, the Oval Lingotto exhibition center of Turin will host gastronomy’s greatness and excellence. The trade fair will also host the European selection of the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie on June, 10th. Indeed, Turin, famous for its wines and white truffles, is a perfect place to welcome Europe’s best  chefs.

For these highly talented contestants engaged in a fantastic personal adventure, the event is the last step before going to Lyon, France, for the Finale that will take place in January 2019, during the Sirha trade show.

20 candidates on the road to a legend 

Thirty years ago, in 1987, the three-star Chef Paul Bocuse created a contest to celebrate the best chefs from all over the world in a live show: young chefs performing in front of an enthusiastic audience and demonstrating their skills and passion in 5 hours and 35 minutes. The Bocuse d’Or was born! Over three decades, 15 candidates have made history and won the coveted trophy.

The most anticipated continental selection of the Bocuse d’Or will take place after the continental selections of Americas in Mexico and Asia-Pacific in Guangzhou. 20 European candidates will give their best to convince the jury, and only ten teams will access the finale in Lyon in 2019. Their order has just been officially decided by drawing lots as follows:

Piedmontese products in the world gastronomy spotlight 

The candidates will have two tests to demonstrate their skills. For the theme on a plate, they will have to prepare 14 plates to be tasted by the jury. For the theme on a platter, each candidate will prepare and set up their recipe on a large silvertray before plating it for the presentation to the jury.

To increase the challenge and at the same time maintain equity between competitors, the contestants must use compulsory products for both tests. As the Bocuse d’Or Europe prides itself in highlighting the country or region where it takes place, these products come this year from Piedmont. While the products for the theme on a plate remain secret for now, the products for the platter have been revealed:

– Male Beef fillet of Fassona Piemontese pedigree

– Baraggia Biellese and Vercellese Rice, Sant’Andrea Variety

– Calf sweetbread

As of now, the contestants can begin their training with these products provided by the Consortiums Aspro Carne and Riso di Barragia, with the support of the supplier Metro.

On top of celebrating these famous Piedmontese products, each candidate will have to make the difference by adding his personal touch and country heritage in his dishes.

This 2018 edition of the contest will certainly be marked by emotion, as each team and all members of the jury will have at heart to celebrate excellence and creativity, in honor of the Chef of the Century and founder of the competition, Paul Bocuse.